The Reaction of The People

I’m poking around Tumblr and find this video. A woman named Ayana decided to do a project. She wanted to wear an “eye-catching” outfit and film the reactions of those she passed at this art museum. It is beyond interesting to watch how people react to her.

We all have phones that have cameras on them and if someone is doing or wearing something out of the ordinary, we have to capture whatever that may be. In this video and others she has done, people mostly gawk at her. For the most part, people try to slyly take pictures. When they are asked why they took the picture, white lies spew out of their mouths.

Projects like this are absolutely eye-opening and should be done more often. Kudos to Ayana for taking this on. It is through the eye of this lens that we see the objectifying of a woman left and right. A great dialogue happens throughout the video and at the end as well.

Take some points from this. Next time you dig your phone out of your pocket or purse to take a picture/video of something, ask yourself if it’s truly necessary. There’s always a bigger meaning.


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