Honestly, Just Be Honest

Why do people not believe in being honest with one another? The first thing that comes to mind is that the truth is scary. It doesn’t always feel good or sound the way we would like. Usually, it’s something that stings your whole being and takes a little while to comprehend and maybe even some recovery time is necessary. Because let’s face it. It’s hard to see yourself. I always say, “The easiest place to see yourself is in the mirror and even that doesn’t show everything.” In other words, we need and have friends and family members in our lives who should tell us about ourselves, in order to be the best person possible.

Just think about it. What if our guardians and elementary teachers never taught us how to share? We would probably not have many friends or significant others in our lives. For example, in college you share a room with a roommate and maybe even one day share a life with the person God created just for you. So thankfully there were people in our lives along the way being honest with us about the importance of sharing. Sharing is the foundation of many, many things in this life. Am I making sense?

There have been plenty of times where I have tried to go around the mulberry bush in order to say the truth, so that it didn’t ‘sting.’ But I try my best to tell the truth because even if it hurts, honesty trumps being untruthful. There is a way to tell the truth without being hurtful or harmful to someone. Be mindful of your words and how you would want someone to say make you aware of something. Being untruthful comes with more baggage than simply telling the truth. Untruthfulness comes with lies, hurt feelings, and maybe even a loss of relationship/friendship. And instead with truthfulness comes, true feelings, and an overall better understanding of that person or persons.

So remember the rule you have heard thousands of times: Honesty is the best policy. If you care about someone, whether it’s like or love, be truthful about your intentions with him or her. Emotional scars can last a lifetime. Don’t be the person that someone regrets befriending or even worse, loving. In order to be better than the person we were yesterday, we have to be honest with each other and more importantly, ourselves.


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