An Under Par, but Understood Underwood

On this past Thursday night, many people around the country were in front of their televisions anticipating an event that had not taken place in over 50 years. One of the most famous and beloved musicals was produced live on NBC, The Sound of Music. We got, what I’ll call an appetizer of what was to come at The Macy’s Day Parade and it seemed great, but when it was time to delve into the main course, they forgot the meat and potatoes.

If we are being honest, their tactic worked; they got a big name person, so that we all would watch and that we did. We all know that Carrie Underwood has this amazing voice and those who know of her vocal talents, would follow her to the moon and back. But in this performance, she didn’t shine amongst the stars.

Carrie was a newbie to both the musical and acting scene, thus making her vocals her only saving grace and even her vocals were not the glamorous showcase in which we are accustomed. Being a huge fan of hers since American Idol, it was difficult for me to watch her sink and not swim. However, Carrie has my utmost respect for trying something new and foreign to anything she has done since being in the limelight. I don’t know if you knew this, but people tend to talk about you whether you are doing good or bad. People want you to ‘stay in your lane’ and ‘stick to what you know,’ but has anyone ever grown that way? If we never stepped outside of our comfort zone and tried on something new, we would always be the same person we were yesterday and that’s not what life’s about. When we go through new experiences, there will be some we will get through with flying colors and for others, the exact opposite. This was an experience Carrie went through (in front of millions of people mind you), that did not produce flying colors, and that’s okay with me. Now that she has done this, if she wants to do it again she: A. Knows what she needs to work on B. Can get the best coaches money can buy to help her. There it is in black and white.

I had high hopes because of what I know Carrie Underwood is capable of and even though those hopes were let down, she still made me proud. I think it’s evident the lesson I’m taking from Carrie: Have fun trying on something new even if you look silly doing it because no matter what, you learn a little more about yourself. I hope this is what she took from it as well.Image


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