Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What intrigues me the most about reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was that he knew his assignment on this earth. Although he knew it wasn’t going to be an easy assignment to accomplish, he didn’t shy away from his purpose. His sacrifice and dedication to making this country, this world, see that NO ONE should be judged by the color of his or her skin, was to be admired.
Today, I charge you with this question: Are you living out your assignment or are you shying away? I guarantee, that if you choose sooner rather than later to take on that assignment, you’ll touch the lives of many. If you don’t know your purpose just yet, reflect on it today.


New Year New Me: Don’t Take It so Literally

Before we entered 2014, per usual, everyone was reflecting on the past year. Whether it was Flipagram or Statigram, reviewing 2013’s highlights filled the timelines of all my social media platforms.  Along with the new year, also brings New Years resolutions and the phrase “New Year, New Me” tends to get thrown around quite a bit.  However, this year, many folks were bashing the idea of that phrase.  They claimed, “You’re not gonna change, so don’t even say that you will.”  I would like to argue that the phrase “New Year, New Me (NYNM)” in this sense, is being taken too literally and delve into what I believe that person is really trying to express.

First, we have a tendency to take things literally far too often.  The tendency to do this increases even more, when we are going to criticize someone/something.  We are creatures of habit and when someone or something changes, there’s going to be some folks who don’t like that change or flat out discourage it.  Don’t listen to the naysayers.  Change is good, healthy and in most cases very necessary.  If you have a bad habit, there is something that you need to do differently in order to stop that bad habit.

I believe the person using NYNM is really trying to say that the new year will look different for them because of what the past year taught them.  They’re trying to say that some poor decisions, minor mistakes, and bad habits should be left in 2013. They’re trying to say that there will be a valiant effort made towards being a better “me” in 2014 and that’s nothing we should bash—it’s to be encouraged!
We spend far too much time criticizing and not enough time lifting each other up.  Challenge yourself to be better than the person you were yesterday.  That’s the only person you have to compete with—you should be your biggest critic.  As LeBron James would say, “Strive for Greatness.”

Thanks to 2013

Overall, 2013 was absolutely amazing, but it did have some “shaking my head” points. I wanted to share the five things I’m taking from the year. 

  1. Life sure ain’t always easy, but it’s amazing! One of the things I think our society has gotten better at because of Instagram, is not taking everyday things like morning sunrises and moonlight nights, for granted anymore.  People are beginning to see that the ordinary is actually extraordinary and taking time to capture those unforgettable moments.  Who would have thought a piece of technology would make us appreciate our breathtaking surroundings? 
  2. With a few deaths that hit close to home this year, from my grandfather’s to Trayvon Martin’s, life is precious.  People say ‘carpe diem’ and “life is a gift,” but do they really live that way? Some days I do and some I don’t. It’s time to really begin ceasing the days I have and making the most out of life. 
  3. My skin color will always be seen in so many eyes as less than, a threat, and even worthless.  In many ways, remnants of the mindsets of those in the 50s and 60s still exists.  It’s both alarming and disappointing. This is what drives me to be educated.  Although being educated doesn’t necessarily make me safe from ignorance, it does give me the opportunity to help with whom I come into contact.  I may not be able to change the world, but if I can reach just one person, then that’s something. 
  4. The importance of loving myself. Songs like Roar by Katy Perry and (not enough people listen to) India.Arie’s song Life I Know, really struck a chord with me.  If I learn to love Elise’s weaknesses, flaws, and downfalls, then I won’t be so susceptible to doing things that I’ll regret later.  Mistakes are bound to be made, but when you make it a second time, that’s a choice.
  5. Don’t go rewinding scenes that don’t deserve a second viewing.  Being the empathetic person that I am, my feelings often get tangled up in situations that don’t end up working in my favor.  It’s important to acknowledge that about myself.

No New Years resolutions for this girl. I just like to take time to recognize what I have improved on over the past year and what needs to be worked on in the year to come.  Always take time to reflect about what’s most important to you, set short-term and long-term attainable goals, work to achieve them and watch yourself become a happier you.