Finding Your Voice

I am beginning to realize the importance of finding your voice.

Once an individual has found his or her voice, the true self begins to emerge.  In my opinion, taking the time to understand who you intrinsically are, is one of the most important first steps in being successful.  Why? Because there is so much power in knowing who you are.  Negative influences are less likely to distract you.  By finding your voice, you become a more confident and genuine person, whose persona is attractive to those with whom you interact.  You’ll also like yourself a little more.

A confident person talks and walks in way that makes you take notice.   His speaking voice is strong and you don’t have to cup your hand to your ear to hear him speak. His walk is upright and exudes gracefulness. His presence demands to be felt and commands any room. This person has most likely done some soul searching.  I guarantee he has spent some invaluable time getting to know what makes him tick. That is what finding your voice requires;  you must examine yourself on a level so profound, that you figure out things that even family and friends don’t know about you. You won’t figure it out in one sitting, but frequently having “me time” is how you begin to see the value.

There is a plethora of ways you can spend that “me time.” You can go to the gym or go for a run.  Maybe you decide you’ll just read a good book or listen to some music. All of that is great, however I also encourage folks to keep a journal. Keeping a journal is one of the sure ways of finding your voice. There is something very cathartic about writing.  The same came be said about running/exercising, which is just a different kind of catharsis. Documenting in some fashion what happened on a certain day or writing about whatever is on your mind, is a great way to begin understanding what you care about most.

Don’t over think.  Just write.  Write what’s on your heart because by taking notice of what makes your heart beat or what makes it ache, will change your life.  We know that smoking can cause damage to our lungs because the surgeon general has examined smokers’ lungs.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Well, how would you know what is good or harmful to your heart if you don’t examine it every once in awhile?

Last Thought: You find your voice by understanding who you are and what makes your world go ‘round. Once you have a  pretty solid idea of who you are and make the commitment to continue to grow, you cannot be stopped.

I promise.



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