Lighting that Comes From Within

As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.  –Mary Anne Radmacher

This quote immediately brings to mind both Oprah and Ellen.  Each has amassed fame and fortune owing to, I believe, their heart’s propensity to be generous, lighting an eternal flame.  One can only imagine the millions of dollars these two have donated to families in need, schools, and charities.  While you and I may never have bank accounts that look like Oprah’s or Ellen’s, we can agree that giving is a reciprocal and precious commodity.  In fact, it yields the keys to happiness.

Do you volunteer a Saturday each month at the local food pantry? Do you mentor a young adult who has taken an interest in your profession?  Taking advantage of these kinds of opportunities will benefit everyone involved.  When we take a genuine interest in things like this, something deep within us begins to develop. That “something” may turn into a passion. What if you discover that your talent makes the critical contribution to the local junior high musical?  What if teaching a cousin to play basketball leaves a smile on his face long after your game of “horse?”

I hear you saying you don’t have time.  Just make sure your heart is part of whatever is your chosen contribution.  If you do what you love, the time spent will not feel like work and you will be more likely to do it again.  Step outside of your comfort zone; outside of your comfort zone is where you discover yourself, and on a larger scale, the world.

This is meant to simply encourage you to look at the plethora of benefits in giving.  It may help you to connect with someone you never thought you would have, had you not struck up a conversation with that person.  Maybe it will be so powerful that it inspires you to start an organization like TOMS.  He got that idea from some kind of service, right?  Taking us back to the quote we began with, I think we can all agree that it has brightly lit his way.  Make a pledge today that you will find a way to create light for others.  There will be nothing that compares!



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