Expect the Unexpected 

As I was headed into 2015, The Lord told me while I was at church that evening, my theme for the year would be to “Expect the Unexpected.” For lack of a better phrase, I did not know what to expect but my expectations were high. To quickly confirm what He said to me, a woman at church gave me a beautiful bracelet. Needless to say, that was very unexpected and only made me more excited to see what God was going to do for Elise throughout the year. 

Many of you know I was living in Connellsville and traveling to Moon Township five days a week working at Robert Morris University. I had been in this position since November 2013 and was beginning to grow weary. Being in my car three hours a day to get to and from work was beginning to take its toll on me. But I used this time wisely–I spent that time in worship and prayer with God. So I took my problem up with The Big Man himself and said, “Lord. I don’t know how much longer I can do this drive. I’ve done all I can do.” He said, “Continue to work hard and you’ll see your prayers realized.” I said, “Deal.” 🙂
Skip to April 1st around 6:35 am about five miles from my house, I was in a car accident. Simply headed into work, a Dodge truck ran into the right side of Baby Jet (my Chevy Cruze). Thankfully, I was only shaken up and able to walk away from the accident (the other driver did too). Disappointed in myself, The Lord said, “Elise. This is the beginning of your shifting. Out with the old and in with the new.” My trust was (and is) in Him wholeheartedly. My car was so damaged with such high mileage, my parents and I thought we wouldn’t get much for it. Well, Liberty Mutual called and we were given a significant amount of money for Baby Jet. This was used to put a down payment on my 2015 Jeep Renegade, Baby Rev. Expected the Unexpected
April was also the month Blessed Resistance, the Christian Rock band I’m in was assembled. The Lord brought us together and it’s been such a blessing. If someone would have told me 2 or even 3 years ago that I’d have the chance to play drums and sing in a band at Idewild, I would have looked at them sideways. God is good like that, isn’t He? Expect the Unexpected

Fast forward to July where I was beginning to job search. My mentee was beginning to look at Seton Hill for graduate school. When she told me that, I figured I’d look to see what they had posted. As an aside, before I applied to my job at RMU there was a job a Seton Hill that I almost applied to but He told me to wait and so I did. Well, as God would have it, my colleague told me about the position of Director of Student Involvement. Everything listed in the description was exactly what I needed and wanted in my next position. God perfectly orchestrated (as He always does) this for me. By mid-August, I got the call and was hired at Seton Hill University as the Director of Student Involvement. As soon as I got to The Hill I asked God, “Why [am I here] now? He said, “Had you not been through what you’ve gone through, you wouldn’t be able to do what I need you to do while here on this campus.” Expect the Unexpected

My intention is not to brag or boast, but to simply share how my faith in God was strengthened this year. He kept me through snowstorms and construction traffic for almost two years, so that he could bless me with a job where I don’t even have to get in my car to get to work.  He kept me safe even in a car accident, so that I would realize that when I need to get rid of something old, He’ll do whatever he’s gotta do to get me out because He’s coming with something better and more exciting. He put me in a band, to spread The Good News in a way I never thought possible. God is ALWAYS looking for ways to bless us. We just have to make sure we’re expecting. 

 Thank you for everything 2015!   




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